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Urbánica is the Real Estate Development division of Dueñas Hermanos Ltda., which was created with the mission of providing quality of life for its customers, creating feelings and ambients in its various projects, which characterizes it as a strong brand providing security, reliability and international quality to its foreign and local investors.

The concept of Urbánica was created from the combination of “urban” interacting with the “organic”, reflecting a sense of realization of the human beings in the use of spaces that are built to live their daily experiences.

Urbánica has a professional first-class team, integrating a combination of high academic profile and proven experience in commercial, construction, legal and financial fields. Another vital element for Urbánica is the role of the sub contractors, therefore, the advice of experienced architects and engineers, both domestic and foreign, has been key to develop the desired feelings in all projects. The combination of domestic and foreign has confirmed to be the perfect formula for achieving it.

Strict compliance of gubernamental rules on development and construction is also a basic guideline followed by Urbánica, which has always allowed it to have all permits and requirements of law in place. This way of work has paid off, as properties are recognized and well evaluated.

Financing is key in real estate investment. Therefore, Urbánica works and looks forward commercial banks to receive customers to finance the acquisition of our properties, accepting their mortgage loans as trusty warranty with an accurate market value.

Healthy market competition through the way of differentiation, enhancing the advantage of the breadth of green areas and properties location is our main business strategy.

Urbánica, Desarrollos Inmobiliarios
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