Urbanica started to operate with a recognized portfolio of projects in shopping centers and lifestyle centers, corporate office buildings, tourist and residential developments and apartment buildings which " leave a mark just as our logo shows, they are a unique seal that sets us apart. Each construction has its own personality, becoming true urban landscapes" said Alejandro Dueñas.

In the commercial area, the lifestyle center La Gran Via, featured in 2004 a global concept based on an exquisite combination of environments, style and fun so that visitors can enjoy a safe, innovative and flexible space. "People of all ages converge, finding a customized distraction" added the Executive Director.

La Gran Vía

Regarding tourism, three years later a special building for the international hotel chain Marriott Courtyard was built, which serves the growing segment of business tourism besides the recreational, enjoying La Gran Via adjacent lifestyle center with its great facilities of accessibility and convenience.

Hotel Courtyard Marriott

The Banco Promerica corporate building was finalized the same year as the hotel. It stands out for its architectural beauty and its functional design, offering customers and officers, the convenience of being located in the new developed commercial center of San Salvador.

La Castellana

The housing projects make a remarkable difference in the market. Condominium Apartments as La Castellana and Colonia Residencial El Espino confirm this. Both projects implemented in 2006 are characterized by having extensive green areas, nestled in the heart of the city, offering a unique combination.

Residencial El Espino

Searching for a balance of lifestyle and vast green spaces integrated in the residential projects, Urbánica developed under its new trademark in 2010 Portal La Ribera which is a residential condominium of 54 " Town Houses" having clusters from 3 to 7 private units on a total area of 4.3 blocks .

Portal La Ribera

The following year, Portal del Casco Residential Condominium was completely built in 30 acres of land having 92 Residential lots starting 1,500 v2 each. Subsequently, between 2013 and 2014 the second phase, Portal del Casco Norte was built under the same concept including 133 residential lots from 1,500v2 each in over 33 acres of land. In these lots, green architectural designs are being built in only 50% of the areas respecting an inventory of trees and a Condominium and Architecture Regime in order to live in an broaden area and in harmony with the environment around the area.

Portal del Casco

In 2013 Urbánica consolidated its position in urban innovation with the development of a residential district “Portal Canarias”, consisting of three residential condominiums developed in 15.7 blocks within a completely secure perimeter. This set of residential condominiums fuses nature with urban creativity in the form of a housing archipelago and a fully landscaped and natural central island that serves as a common recreational outdoor area in addition to the green areas each condominium already has. The first island that was developed was “Puerta Gran Canaria”, consisting of 100 houses up to 205 m2 of construction on more than 6.5 acres of land. The second Residential Condominium “Puerta La Palma” began its construction in late 2012 and was finished in 2014. This is a housing project composed of 62 residences "stand alone" with one and two levels and up to 306m2, developed in 6.15 acres of land. The last one “Puerta Los Faros” will consist of 56 apartments distributed in two buildings of 10 levels each. The construction of the project started in January 2015 and is designed for deed in June 2016.

Casa Club - Portal del Casco

At the same time Urbanica also began the construction of “Puerta La Castellana Townhouses”, being the second and last stage of “Portal La Castellana”. This residential development consists of 47 exclusive two levels townhouses, which have 274 square meters of construction and also have access to amenities that are part of the architectural concept of the project which are: club house, gym, swimming pool, kids playground, tennis and basketball courts and parking for visitors. All these spaces have been designed for family outdoor recreation and indoor events.

La Castellana - TownHouses

In addition to these ongoing projects, Urbanica is currently planning other urban innovations in different segments, which will be subsequently revealed to the public.

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